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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A heart that just won't stop loving you..

My heart just won't stop aching

Since the first day I saw you

I knew it was to good to be true

Tried my hardest to ignore you

Yet everyday you made it your mission

To pull me in closer and closer

And finally I just couldn't take it

Giving in was one of the best feelings of this world

But not ever having the title of your girl

Hurts me more than you'll know

I've seen countless girls come and go before me

Yet they all leave

And you come running back to me

Am I the fool?

A fool inlove I think

Five years of the same routine

Should make me say "stay away"

But I can't

Not even a different state can tare me away

I keep thinking maybe if I give us another chance you'll stay

But who am I fooling

You're gone even if you stay

So many times you've stood me up

Not call back

Or come through when you said you wanted to

There was always an excuse "I'm with..we went..my phone.."

Instead of a "baby I'm coming to you"

I've waited so long to hear those words

And not the ones "I love you"

All I ever wanted to hear was an "Im sorry for the pain I've put you through"

Everytime I say Im not going to let you back in I do

That's cause Im hopelessly,desperately,miserably inlove with you



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