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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Story

So many years have gone by

And we always find our way back to eachother

Could that be a sign?

Our story is so complicated

But not anything about it is a lie

Its been a hard five years

Of good and bad times

We've never been closer

And last night was the hardest of goodbyes

I've loved you with all my heart

From the moment you took my breath away

With a smile and hello

From the first hug

To first kiss

To the first time we made love

It was truely bliss

No one else can touch me like you do

Make me feel love with just a simple hug...

Last night you did the sweetest thing for me

With no words

You gazed into my eyes

Like you're planning out our lives

No one else can tell our story

Or the love that feel

And real it is

So goodbye to this state and chapter of our lives

And hello to the next long years I plan on standing by your side

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A heart that just won't stop loving you..

My heart just won't stop aching

Since the first day I saw you

I knew it was to good to be true

Tried my hardest to ignore you

Yet everyday you made it your mission

To pull me in closer and closer

And finally I just couldn't take it

Giving in was one of the best feelings of this world

But not ever having the title of your girl

Hurts me more than you'll know

I've seen countless girls come and go before me

Yet they all leave

And you come running back to me

Am I the fool?

A fool inlove I think

Five years of the same routine

Should make me say "stay away"

But I can't

Not even a different state can tare me away

I keep thinking maybe if I give us another chance you'll stay

But who am I fooling

You're gone even if you stay

So many times you've stood me up

Not call back

Or come through when you said you wanted to

There was always an excuse "I'm with..we went..my phone.."

Instead of a "baby I'm coming to you"

I've waited so long to hear those words

And not the ones "I love you"

All I ever wanted to hear was an "Im sorry for the pain I've put you through"

Everytime I say Im not going to let you back in I do

That's cause Im hopelessly,desperately,miserably inlove with you


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Time..

It's time to leave the past in the past

The lies


And pain that she caused you

It's time

To open your eyes

To what's infront of you

Im standing

Waiting for you to see


And what it could be

It's time

For you to choose me

The only wise thing you see

All she does is hurt you

And yet you run back to her like a fool

Maybe it's not time

If you can't see..

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Nothing seems to take the pain of ending us away
I miss the strong stares
Of locked eyes of us two
Across the room
I miss you holding me gentely
In the nights end
I miss you whispering in my ear
"I love you babe I'll never go away"
While we try to put the pieces back together again
I can't help but think
How would it have been
If it had never end
While everyone can say
"You're beautiful move on from him"
I can't get you out of my system
No matter how many dates I go on
How many guys call my phone
None of them compare to you
What we had
And what we'll now never have
Reminiscing on the past
And on love that just couldn't last..

Monday, June 6, 2011

Night fall..

His lips so soft
So gentle
So moist
And to think its my choice
His arms so strong
Built like a building
Or rather a brick wall
Wrapped around me so firm
For a night Im yours
To do what I please
Not looking for a relationship
Just trying to fulfill my needs
Don't fall inlove with me
For the love won't be returned
Im looking for a night
Filt with passion and lust
No love
No fuss
For when daylight breaks
Ill be out that place
Only to return when
Night falls..

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Letting go..

Suddenly Ive gotten so distant

Filled with bitterness

And depression

I think it's time for a confession

Letting things go day by day

Slowly but surely finding my way

The thought of you still weighs heavy on my mind

In my heart

I just feel like its a waste of time

Going from sad

To mad

To bad memories

Is what I get when I think of you

Letting it go

And breathing deep

I think Im okay with it not being you and me

Letting go and moving on

Taking time to heal the heart

And mind

Letting go its time I do

You let go of me

Before I let go of you

Letting go..

Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 6th

May 6th

The day my heart shattered in a million pieces

Filled with so much hurt and anger

No one could believe it

Abandoned, empty, and feels like I can't breath

Someone should have told me it could happen to me

May 6th

The day the promise of youll be with me forever

Came crashing down on our future some how

May 6th

The day I found myself bent over crying while screaming out



"And doesnt he love me?"

May 6th

The day my heart skipped several beats

Because living without is something my heart won't do

...May 6th...